A tale of two kitties...

Two Cats One Blog is place to document the silly moments, exciting times and dumb reports about my two cats, Pimp and Moo.

Big Pimpin' Moo the Menace

I'll also probably have some random posts about their friends -- and by friends I mean the other random cats and critters I feed everywhere I go.

Just wanted a place to keep track of all the juicy little tidbits...



Hi Pimp & Moo!! Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you! I will add you to the M-Cats Blogroll today and post your Picture on ManCat Monday at the M-Cats Club!! Do you have a picture you can send me at mrtigger9 (at) gmail (dot) come!! Does Moo want to become a member too? Send a picture of him also, if he does!
Hi 5 paw,
Mr. Tigger

So which one is called Dorian? So glad you visited my blog! I never met another kitty named Dorian either! When I was little, I had a LOT of gray markings, but now they have turned black mostly. Anyway, that's how I got my name, Dorian (Gray), like a book, my mom said. Glad that you have a blog. We cats have to have a place to say what's on our minds! *purrs* -Dorian

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